Wagon / Sleigh Rides

Step back in time and enjoy a scenic ride in the country on a horse drawn wagon or sleigh ride.
We offer 40 minute rides pulled by two horse teams.

Guaranteed private tours also available for an additional $50.00

Wagon / Sleigh rides $20.00 per person. Children 5 and under $8.00. 
Reservation is required.)
(Bring your Camera)

Currently we have one wagon available during any working hours. The wagon holds 10-15 people comfortably. This is a great option if you have family members who would like to enjoy the property instead of waiting around for the horseback ride to come back.

Currently we have 3 sleighs available during any working hours. Each sleigh will hold 10-15 people comfortably. Hot Chocolate is offered and included in your tour. Bonfire on Sat. & Sun.

Sleigh Rides Past

Pictures courtesy of Roxy Hittesdorf Picture this photography

We take pride in the fact that we are offering quality rides with quality horses,
Healthy well trained horses offer a safe, enjoyable ride.
Our care for the animals in our stable is our main priority.
See nature and experience winter at it's finest

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2 Miles East of Mauston, Wisconsin
on Hwy. 82
Open Year Around