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DayCamp 2004

June 14th -18th

Feel free to E-mail us to put in your own words what you thought about this years Daycamp

Nicole Gibson
Jennifer DeVito
Robyn O'Gorman

Kylie Scherer


Day Camp was really fun. I'm really glad that I got to take care of Simon and own him for 5 days, but I got to ride him on Saturday and Sunday after Day Camp.Day Camp is a great horsecamp to have friends that love horses. I made 4 best friends but I miss them.Tomorrow I'm going to Advanced Day Camp. I can't wait to see the horses, Cindy, and Tammy.

Rilla  Pospieszalski

Kaitlyn Stoll

Dear reader,
This is my second year at day camp It was a Blast! I couldn’t have had more fun. I want to go to the day camp again. I had a fun time with Toby. He was the best horse I could ever have. I made a lot  of new friends but I lost contact with them unfortunately. Sincerely,
Kaitlyn Stoll

Carolyn Epmeier
Cordelia Bella
Elias Zografi

Emily Harwood
(Lil Nick)

Liam McAleavy
Megan Harwood

Rajani Zografi
  Lauren Cusick
(Coming Soon)


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