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DayCamp 2004

July 12th -16th

Feel free to E-mail us to put in your own words what you thought about this years Daycamp

Jillion Shanks
Chelsea Hassi
Rachel Schmidt
(Big Nick)

Amanda Lilly

Lindsay Glass
Alyssa Glass
Shaley Bagan
Amanda Krugman
Amanda Swearingen
I had so much fun with my experience at the day camp of July 2004 I know that I will always remember my time spent there! I was able to go with my cousin and we had so much fun there together. my favorite part about the day camp was having the lessons with your horse it makes for a good bonding experience I think my horse was huey and I think he is the best horse! I think that anyone with the love of horses should try this fun and exciting day camp out and see how they like it themselves!

July of 2004 day camper
Amanda Swearingen

Samantha Bernette

Taylor Wilkinson
Kailey Navin
Katelyn Finnan
(Lil Nick)
Mallary Griffin
Morgan Griffin


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